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Renda L. Woods, LCSW is a good listener with a gift for getting to the heart of the matter. As you discuss the issues, she’ll be developing a prioritized plan and providing you with tools you need to make the changes you want, all conveniently done through a private, secure HIPAA compliant online video platform.

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Solution-oriented therapy is about providing you with the techniques and coping skills that you need for effective communication and self-control. Used consistently, these tools will help you create a more peaceful, harmonious home life.

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Ending the madness begins here, with non-traditional care for today's non-traditional adolescents and their families. This manual is for "Last-Resort, End Of-Your-Rope, Can't-Live-Like-This-Another-Day" Families in serious trouble need serious help.

With Renda's Family Power, Family Training Manual, you are on your way.

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Renda L. Woods uses an integrative approach..

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a proven process in retraining the brain by identifying and changing disturbing thought patterns that negatively impact emotions and behavior. It is effective in treating various concerns such as depression, anxiety, substance use, trauma and more.


She also utilizes Empowerment Therapy strategies to emphasize the strengths within each individual. This is invaluable in facilitating Solutions-focused treatment for short-term goal-focused evidence-based therapy.

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